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About [Us]

It has been said that positive customer experience has the ability to make a brand. Delivering a product, service or experience that stands out from the crowd is critical element growing a successful business in this day and age. The Cape Town Toiletry Company was built with the customers in mind – what do our customers want or need from us and how can we give it to them- answering these question has helped us grow into the company that we are today.

We employ talented, experienced staff, using the latest technology to create our products. Our team are experts in design, procurement, operations, sale and marketing. Having a diverse range of skills ensures that we can produce innovative and intelligent product, helping us keep a step ahead of the industry’s latest trends.



We strive to distribute, create, manufacture and promote products that are of the highest quality.


We aim to always adopt a customer-centric approach


We aspire to be innovative


We are transparent in the way that we do business